Five Ways You Can Decrease Your Odds Of Getting Cancer

Detoxify your body

Eliminating environmental toxins from your diet and surroundings will go a long way toward eliminating cancer from your life. This includes eating organically grown foods, avoiding chlorinated/fluoridated water and using non-toxic, natural cleansers, cosmetics, furniture, building materials, and clothing. There are a variety of ways to detox your body via water fasts, juice feasts (where you drink only fruit and vegetable juices for a set number of days), and heavy detoxification programs. These changes aim to decrease cellular toxicity and increase oxygenation to cells.


One cause of poor oxygenation is poor circulation. If cells are oxygen starved, they are more likely to become cancerous. So, when one exercises and increases circulation, oxygenation improves and more nutrients will be carried into the cells.

Train yourself to instil proper eating habits

Diet is a crucial weapon in your cancer-fighting arsenal. One can reduce toxins by eating organic whole foods whenever possible. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids from organic cold-pressed flax oil or fish oil. Cancer thrives on sugar and refined grains. Cut them out as much as possible, and ban artificial sweeteners from your diet as they are not healthy. New healthy sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol, and laknato are widely available in the markets.

Consume a lot of alkaline foods

Meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, junk food, soda, alcohol, coffee, grains, and cereals are few foods which are acidic to the body. These foods should be kept minimum in your diet. Alkaline foods, on the other hand, consist mainly of fruits and vegetables. A good percentage to aim for is 75% alkaline foods and 25% acidic foods. This may be challenging in the beginning because many people’s diets are the exact opposite. Once this becomes a bit more natural, a general guideline to shoot for is 45% cooked fruits and vegetables, 30% raw fruits and vegetables and 25% grains, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, or poultry. Research shows the benefits of a 100% raw food diet in the treatment of cancer. The Gerson institute in San Diego, California provides an alternative to treating cancer. The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment which activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic and vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have been cured of ‘incurable diseases’ including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and auto-immune disorders.

Support your body’s ability to use oxygen to make energy

A nutrient vital in the production of energy in a cell is Coenzyme Q10. If a cell doesn’t have Coenzyme Q10, it can’t produce energy. Research shows that high-quality Omega-6 oils increase oxygen transfer into cells. The more ways you attack cancer, the better your chances are of beating it. The best alternative cancer clinics in the world use multiple supplements and holistic treatments.

Cancer can be beaten. Never doubt that. People succeed all the time. The best way to beat cancer is to prevent it!