Corporate Donation

Corporate Donation is a set-up which allows an organization to join hands with YouWeCan to fulfil the purpose of facing cancer together. Under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, the company can contribute to a registered NGO and get benefit in terms of tax exemption of a certain amount.

The process is simple. The organization has to fill the adjacent form with the precise details and amount it wants to donate. After submitting the basic information like the size of the organization in terms of employees etc., our YouWeCan team will guide you to decide the course of the donation which can be a one-time donation or a recurring one.

Corporate Donation focuses on a win-win model where the donation made by the company is utilized for YouWeCan’s multiple causes surrounding cancer and the company gets immunity from the levy.

YouWeCan also serves as an ethical platform for the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Benefits of Corporate Donation:

The company benefits from tax exemption

Any amount is acceptable and accounted

Corporate sustainability ensures transparency and longevity of the company